Remote working burnout: 7 ways to offer effective assistance to your team

Some alarming statistics on remote working burnout

  • In Europe, more than 50% of employees experienced burnout situations in 2021.
  • When it comes to the situation in the US, as per insights from Deloitte, 77% of American employees have battled burnout in their current jobs.
  • Employee burnout statistics by Forbes explain that for 67% of employees in the US, burnout experiences have worsened in the face of the pandemic.
  • Speaking of remote employees specifically, as per remote working burnout statistics, around 70% of remote employees are experiencing burnout symptoms.
  • According to a Microsoft survey, 41% of the global workforce is planning to tender their resignations because of high stress at the workplace.

How to help your team with burnout?

1. Host mental health webinars

2. Investing in the right tools for remote work

3. Initiating a culture of virtual coffee breaks

4. Training employees in emotional intelligence

5. Expressing gratitude

6. Seeking regular feedback from employees

7. Cultivating trust and belongingness

  • Social media shoutouts for employee recognition
  • Mentoring programs for employees
  • Ordering surprise meals for remote employees
  • Virtual employee engagement activities
  • Greater inclusiveness in decision making
  • Personally enquiring about employee wellness
  • Delegating authority and tasks to employees
  • Offering greater flexibility and autonomy to employees



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