How to start setting priorities to manage your workload like a pro

3 key prioritization principles from productivity experts

1. Accept that you can’t do everything

2. Less is more

3. Find a method that works and stick to it

7 ways how to prioritize tasks and time for better productivity

1) List your tasks

2) 3 methods for setting priorities

A. The Eisenhower matrix

  • Urgent & important — your top priorities, to be done ASAP
  • Urgent, but not important — delegate to someone else
  • Important, but not urgent — to be done once the urgent & important tasks are completed
  • Neither important nor urgent — if possible, consider deleting these tasks or shelving them indefinitely

B. Pareto principle productivity

C. Trust your gut

3) Cut the daily task list down as much as possible

4) Make space for interruptions and breaks

5) Eat the frog

6) Discover and adapt to your productivity patterns

7) Keep a log of your progress & adapt your schedule




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