How to protect your time from the office time goblin?

What does a person who steals everyone’s time look like?

The Incompetent Andy Dwyaer

The Perfectionist Leslie Knope

The Party-maker Tom Haverford

The Hot Mess — Mona-Lisa

How to protect your time at work?

Talk to them in private

Don’t be afraid to say no

Set boundaries

Last resort

Summing up: principles to remember

  • Have a conversation with your colleague and explain that the situation doesn’t work for you. Important: the conversation must be private!
  • Don’t be afraid to say no. You aren’t going to do their work for them anymore. Period.
  • Set up clear boundaries. If the person has problems with boundaries, it’s your responsibility to let them know what is okay and not okay for you.
  • If nothing works, speak to your supervisor. Explain that you can’t give your fullest attention to work when you are in these conditions and ask to resolve the situation.



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