• Truesix


    We help local brands access big markets. Strategic content marketing for brands with big plans.

  • Gatis Vilaks

    Gatis Vilaks

  • Fabien RAYNAUD

    Fabien RAYNAUD

    www.FabienRaynaud.com — Project Manager ★ Startup Lover ★ Crowdfunding Ambassador ★ Business Angel ★ Management, Innovation, Personal Development

  • Vera Branco

    Vera Branco

  • wanea ceban

    wanea ceban

  • Jūlija Gifford

    Jūlija Gifford

    Jack of all trades, master of none. Interested in too many things, LV, politics, AIESEC, dance, folk music, social media, etc.

  • Ingri Ramos

    Ingri Ramos

    Recent Undergrad from UCB | Anthropology major | First gen-student | Daca recipient

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