DeskTime’s productivity research: an overview of our finds throughout the years

The 52–17 rule and its updated version

The updated 52–17 productivity research: 112–26

Employee performance research: all about the working hours

Does the 9 to 5 work model support employee productivity?

Length of workdays during the week — does Friday get the biggest workload?

  • Mondays are the longest workdays on average, while Fridays generally are the shortest
  • Starting from Monday working hours get shorter, meaning that Fridays aren’t the only days when employees work less than 8 hours on average

Shorter workdays — lower productivity? Nope!

Shopping at work and other distractions: employee productivity research

Workshopping on Cyber Mondays

Vacation days to chase Black Friday deals

What is the most common distraction at work?

  1. Interruptions — questions from colleagues, walk-ups, and ”ASAP” tasks
  2. Office noise — all the chit-chat, coffee machine, and other background sounds
  3. Internet — it’s way too easy to go down the rabbit hole

Productivity experiments with coffee, beer, and music

Coffee — the productivity juice?

  • The two most significant spikes in coffee consumption were at 9 AM and 12:30 AM
  • Coffee consumption correlated with peaks in our employee productivity stats
  • However, the coffee-induced productivity was short-lived and lasted about 2.5 hours

Can beer boost employee productivity statistics?

The correlation between music and workplace productivity statistics

Bonus: Is productivity more of an introvert thing?

Final remarks on DeskTime productivity research



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