6 best work schedule apps for 2022

Benefits of using an employees’ schedule app

  • Makes shift scheduling fast and error-proof
  • Provides for increased shift planning transparency for everyone
  • Helps you plan and adjust individual working plans
  • Allows you to schedule the appropriate number of stuff for each shift
  • Enables businesses that work on a per-hour rate to track hours and manage resources

Top 6 apps for scheduling employees’ shifts

1. DeskTime

2. When I work

3. Shiftboard

  • Service-oriented businesses can use ScheduleFlex — software to self-schedule shifts, track meetings and events.
  • For product-oriented companies, they offer SchedulePro software with site-specific shift planning options, overtime detection and optimization.

4. Connecteam

5. Humanity

6. Homebase

Use work schedule apps and be more organized



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