52/17 updated — people are now working and breaking longer than before

112/26 becomes the new productivity ratio

The pandemic effect — increasing work hours

A growing trend — even before Covid-19

Working from home — a blow to personal wellness

Tips on what to do to stay productive when working from home

  • Create a standing desk option — to give yourself the opportunity to stand up and move around, create a standing desk option. It doesn’t have to be an actual standing desk, it can even be a simple box placed on your table and your computer on top of that.
  • Look into the distance — make sure to take your eyes off from the computer screen and look into the distance. This will relax the many small muscles around your eyes and take off some of the strain. It’s best to look out the window at a faraway tree or building.
  • Take calls while walking — to give yourself the option to stretch your legs and move, go for a walk around the block when taking calls.
  • Work breaks into your schedule — if it doesn’t come easy to you, schedule breaks into your workday. Your mind needs a break, no matter how tough you think you are. You’ll be more refreshed, will work better, and feel less stressed at the end of the day for it.



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